Techno Dads Desert Island Discs

Kirsty taking it easy yesterday

1. Grinderman – Love Bomb

Starting off the list with something big and angry. And it mentions Woman’s Hour.

2. Wevie Stonder – Ton Wah

Watch out. There’s a bollard. Yes Kirsty that’s right. A BOLLARD.

Nice motor.

3. Lydia Lunch – Dear Whores

The ultimate redundancy tune. Send it to your boss.

4. Joe Meek & The Blue Men – Entry Of The Globbots

Put this on for the long slow intro, sneak out of the dinner party and time your return for the drums, brazenly wearing a pair of incongruous ladies’ knee high boots to do a creepy little Cossack dance. We’ve all done it.

5. English Muffin – The Blood of an English Muffin

Industrial Strength insanity from Lenny Dee. You need at least one gabba tune.

6. Thomas Brinkmann – Concept 1 96-VR Track 1

Thomas did a mad thing, he built a turntable with two arms. Then he played Richie Hawtin’s uber-minimalist Concept techno records on it and mixed between the 2 signals. What a mentalist.

7. Hawkwind – Master Of The Universe (Space Ritual Version)

Fuck you all, dad’s having a freakout to himself and listening to Hawkwind at top volume. A version of this is on some bloody car advert at the moment. The world has indeed gone mad.

8. Beltram – Energy Flash

When we’ve all gone senile from the years of serotonin depletion and are living in old folks homes, we’ll do a special dribbly head nod dance to this when it comes on Radio 2’s old time retro techno hour, which will be presented by a toothless Dave Clarke live from his underground base on the moon. You know it’s true.

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