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We’ve been locked in a basement for the last few years, forced to churn out techno riffs in exchange for scraps of food. Here’s a mix from a few years ago – all dad bits. Gets better the more of … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: JD Twitch – Is It All Over The Place?

Quality bit of spanking new music, courtesy of Certified Dad Hero and (if you exclude ‘Tiger Tim’ Stevens) Scotland’s greatest DJ, Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, of Optimo and Pure fame. This is really a loose cover version of the … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Spiral Tribe in Lewisham library, 1991

In 1991 Castlemorton was a mere twinkle in the Spiral crew’s googly eyes. What you have here is the remnants of a party, still going at it the next day. Dancing in a library. Looks exactly like every party ever … Continue reading

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Dad Dance: N-Joi Adrenalin on TOTP

This clip is properly embarrassing. Great early 90s hair: the bouncing bob. They used to be everywhere. How can you take yourself seriously, pretending to play a synth and wearing cast-offs from a Janet Jackson video? As we’ve seen before … Continue reading

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Dad Dance: Total Confusion on Dance Energy, 1991

Web things like the Boiler Room are what have replaced Dance Energy now. That’s all a bit serious though. The clothes, the hair and above all the dancing were much more fun back in 1991. The key word is ‘energy’, … Continue reading

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Dadcast 9: Production Unit – Mature Cheddar

The day every DJ dreads has finally come: someone has asked you to play at their wedding. The question is, how do you deal with it? Some simply refuse point blank. Rude, but probably wise. Others take the plunge and … Continue reading

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Radio Soulwax: This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium

One of the things that really annoyed us Techno Dads back in the day was the weird BPM arms race that occurred from 1992 onwards in rave music. You actually got numpties making 300bpm gabba records, while Scotland went resolutely … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Genaside II – Narra Mine

Another example of the early breakbeat/jungle/reggae/rave/hiphop crossover, with a bit of wide-eyed ecstatic-idealism in the vocals, and some very dated but nice gated pads, this record from 1991 (that year again) has the distinction of containing the craziest rave MCing … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: SL2 – Way In My Brain

In 1991 stealing bits of reggae and hip hop was all the rage thanks to the newfangled Akai S1000 sampler. Way In My Brain features a large chunk of Wayne Smith’s 1985 electro-reggae classic Under Mi Sleng Teng, which incidentally … Continue reading

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Mark Archer (Altern8) – Frequency Remixes

Frequency is Altern8’s best tune. It still kicks. Usually classics are best left alone and the remix job is akin to flogging a dead horse, or rather taking a distinguished old thoroughbred out from its nice warm stable and shooting … Continue reading

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