About Dads

The tiny Doctor in his rave suit

We are a generation whose children will grow up watching us doing a chubby little dance to Joey Beltram or SL2.

We remember when house music was shocking.

We remember when The Orb played chess on Top Of The Pops.

And now we sit in our sheds.

Mums are welcome. Or anyone for that matter.

We do not deal exclusively in techno but there may be a bit of bias in that direction.

We try to organise a Dad Cast sometimes – at the moment it appears that these feature dance music in the form of a DJ mix – at times there may be as many as two tracks playing at once.

There are also lots of amusing Dad Dancing clips.

Dad Trax is, errm, tracks.

Dad’s Soundcloud

GO HERE for music and stuff. Well not that much stuff really. Other than music.


8 Responses to About Dads

  1. Isn’t the Bungo an abbreviation of the non-imaginary Strathbungo? It’s not as good as Baljaffray, though, or Balshagray or Clamjaffray for that matter.

  2. stevie Campbell says:

    Keep up the good work Nick, I’m really enjoying some of this old shit. Takes me back so it dis.

  3. Piers says:

    Hi Nick

    Great site.

    I think you and fellow techno dad’s might like my new documentary about the early days of acid house….





  4. Krafty909 says:

    A veritable feast of Dad techno on at the Electric Frog this weekend…Mills, May, Knuckles to get down to on the Saturday. The Fall & The Orb to soothe those aching limbs on the Sunday. And a sensible 10pm finish!

    Affording plenty of opportunity next week to moan about the price of the piss lager in a plastic cup, the 50 quid ticket price & how it was £3.50 to see The Fall in the QM Union back in my day…

  5. djwuggs says:

    Superb site Dr Bungo, well done and awfully funny!!

    It must be something about hitting 40, but I’ve dug out the old vinyl from the garage and I’m doing the whole Techno Dad thing (I didn’t realise I was a techno dad till I read your site – thanks). I’ve started my own blog of reminiscences which you might like




  6. lordblimey says:

    go dr daddy go ..

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