Dad Trax: Current Bangers

Some bangers yesterday

Some bangers yesterday

Some big bangers we’re currently rocking.

This double 12″ features some pretty healthy bangers. Vinyl only I’m afraid, on Viewlexx sub-label Murder Capital. This is exactly the kind of evil freak electro that we could imagine getting caned in the Test warmup if Test still existed.

This next record from the Diagonal label is one of the oddest bangers we’ve encountered in a long time. Proper weirdo music. Top.

Buy it here:

Bit late to the party with this next one from a couple of years back. Top dads Neil Landstrumm and JD Twitch of Optimo/Pure fame (whose solo productions keep getting better and better incidentally – some new solo bangers imminently about to drop from him, watch this space). Anyway this EP is awesome. Nice combo of Neil’s classic bleeps with Keith’s more latin/house flavas…sounds like a Warp classic with modern shiny production values, and a wee synth stab straight out of the Tom Tom Club.

Buy it:

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  1. lordblimey says:

    like the frog house in submit x … croakin

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