Dad Dancing: Belgian house doc in Flemish

This appears to be a Belgian news programme attempting to explain house and techno to the squares.

Features 808 State, Jon Da Silva, Paul Oakenfold back when he used to play decent Frank De Wulf records – and featuring Frank De Wulf himself in his studio wearing a lovely navy jumper. And CJ Bolland playing in Bridlington – the vid cuts off just as he’s dropping Mescalinum United We HAve Arrived…on the news! Check the pony-tailed Yorkshire bloke introducing him. Funny stuff.

Some brilliant Flemish consonants peppered with the odd English phrase like ‘repetitive beat’ , and of course genius Belgian New Beat/techno sounds.

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3 Responses to Dad Dancing: Belgian house doc in Flemish

  1. timaldiss says:

    Jelly Baby – classic, and the TOS ep… listened to that again just the other day!

    What do you think Frank de Wulf does these days? The Tape is my fave of his.

    Great bit of footage, thanks for sharing – Bridlington have never had it so good!

  2. The Double K says:

    Great clip! Frank looks like such a nice clean-cut chap. And speaking of CJ Bolland, I dropped Horsepower into my recent dad-DJing set at the weekend. Interested readers can hear it at

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