Contact Dads

Do you want to get in touch with a Techno Dad? Submit a dad cast? Tell us to get a life?

Just email:

You can even hire us for your party. Honestly.

We do sound too. The whole caboodle. And we can mix a bit better than poor old Hooky.

Hooky demonstrates the highly effective 'pointing' technique

9 Responses to Contact Dads

  1. I’m a dad, and a retired dj, never lose your hardcore.

  2. I´m also a dad, and a retire dj. I added Techno Dads to my blogroll at: Please take a look!

  3. Dr Bungo says:

    hey dads – whats all this retired business? put some records on. you’re a DJ!

  4. Beevertron says:

    This blog is ace, being a dad and loving techno means this blog was made for me (well and a load of other people probably as well)

    Some top posts

    Top one, nice one, get sorted

  5. Brad Mazon says:

    I’m just sayin’ that we dads still can dance!

  6. Top banana – love your site.
    Thought I was a lone techno-dad until today.
    Great to see I’m not the only one putting the E’s in nappys.

  7. Frank says:

    Though I am completely aligned with your aesthetic somehow I’ve arrived at middle age with not a single companion in my life that finds any of this even remotely interesting.

  8. Matt K says:

    Yes, yes and double yes! I was one of the squares listening to Britpop back in the day. It took me a while to see the light but I got there eventually. Are you really for hire? Your latest ‘Dadcast’ is SWEET!

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