Dad Dancing: Rahaan’s Powercut

This is one of those classic wee moments that can happen sometimes when you’re DJing.

Here is Rahaan in a sweaty Chicago basement (the best kind of DJ gig). There’s quite a bit of embarrassing dancing – check the guy with dreads doing a toot toot trumpet move at about 5 minutes.

About 4 minutes in the music cuts out during Music Box classic Mach – On & On (simple proto-house tune which is essentially some loops from Funky Town and a space invaders noise – basic but a total killer – a favourite of Ron Hardy).

The crowd keep up with the ‘beep beep – ahhh – toot toot’ acapella style…and when he gets the sound back, Rahaan mixes it in on the beat. And look how crazy the people go, especially the amply proportioned leaping lady screaming like a banshee.

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6 Responses to Dad Dancing: Rahaan’s Powercut

  1. Roki says:

    Brilliant moment with some equally brilliant dancing. As far as I know Mach wasn’t Ron Hardy. Not sure if anyone knows who it was but it was 1980 and Ron’s edits were generally one track affairs rather than mash-ups. Anyway Rahaan’s just released a beefed up remake of it:

    • Dr Bungo says:

      cool, btw check this review from juno ‘Essentially Rahaan breathes new life into a track that’s veering on the overplayed by stripping it of its musical excesses and concentrating on turning the remains into something sweaty and hypnotic.’ is funny.. the original track didnt feature any musical excesses did it? it is totally minimal. odd.

  2. Roki says:

    I was lucky to pick one up cheap a while ago. It’s amazing. Pulled it out recently at a pub gig but was questioning my sanity considering I had a rip on laptop and the vinyl in my hand was probably worth over £150…

    That review’s nonsense and sounds like they haven’t heard the original. Think Rahaan’s just beefed up the EQ and added some more elements in between the main loops. Still loads better than the Music Box reissue which was a pretty shite pressing.

  3. jesus built my hotdog says:

    that robbie dylan does that shite toot-toot trumpet move when he’s not exhorting folk to git up their jobbies.

  4. Robot Dial 1 says:

    ‘That’ Robbie Dylan disnae do any shite moves to anything

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