Dad Cast: Nature One Fury Part 1


Mix made entirely from four records bought at a disused airfield in Germany in 2001.

The records:

Christian Morgenstern – ReDeath Before Disko [Forte]

T Raumschmiere – Boltzplatz EP [Kompakt]

Marcin Czubala – Fuck Loops [Mutter]

Thomas Brinkmann – 46 Valentino EP [Max Ernst]

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Dadcast: The Electro Mix

Dempsey rooting in his crates yesterday

All vinyl mix of quality electro from the 90s/early 00s mostly.

Thanks to Drexciya, Kraftwerk, Eon,  Abe Duque. The Octagon Man, Mescalinium United, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Two Lone Swordsmen, Underground Resistance, Carl Finlow, John Selway, DJ Dijital, Anthony Rother, Industrial Bass Machine ,TEST, Shandy, Robbie, Rubadub, Sacha, Clone, Andrea Parker – Iain Mackie and Niall Young for reminding us that vinyl is better than MP3s – and Bowers and Wilkins for their outstanding bass performance.

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Dad Trax: September Bangers


1. The Twins – Water Coaster

Nice bit of unsettling analogue disco-techno from Optimo Music. This tune makes us think of the famous JD Twitch rave story when he came down with a case of the fear and ran out from behind the decks of the Livingston Forum into the night, to be found later floating down a river in his puffa jacket.

Buy It Here

2. Drexciya – Andrean Sand Dunes

We were having a look through old records the other day and came across this Neptune’s Lair album – in our minds it’s filed away as the ‘new’ Drexciya album. But this was released in 1999. When are we going to get into our thick heads that stuff from 1999 is not new? I guess it was a more overground Drexciya release than the earlier stuff, being on Tresor.

Anyway, it’s just been re-released too, coincidentally. We have an electro mix coming down the pipes very soon, watch this space.

Looks like we have a water theme going. Time for a slash.

Buy It Here

3. Mutsumi – Look Down At Your Feet Below

Veteran Techno Dad Robbie ‘ Jobbie’ Dylan turned us on to this one. Shouty vox, crazy distorted bass shenanigans and funky drums. Late night wrongness.

4. Jerome Hill – Ghetto Rolf 

Even more wrongness. Definitely one for the cack bin – we do love a bit of cack though, and here we have the Don’t Records boss cacking it up with the best of them by combining some seriously silly Rolf ‘paedo’ Harris samples with big Chi-town techno beats. Stay safe, kids.

The other tracks on the EP are not so silly…how could they be ? They are good though. Funky tough techno. Recommended.

Buy It Here

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Dad Chat: Richard D James Aphex Twin Interview

An Aphex Twin blimp yesterday

You may not have noticed if you don’t pay attention, but top dad and Aphex Twin Richard D James has an album about to drop.

We’ve been watching with interest the slightly ludicrous publicity campaign, which has involved a blimp and information being released on the dark web.

And now he’s come out from behind his scary mask to do a phone interview for Rolling Stone. And it’s a really good interview. As always you wonder how many of his answers are just made up, but we surmise not that many.

It turns out he’s battling with the same shite as all of us – namely trying to find time to do techno stuff around screaming children and school runs. And why wouldn’t he be ?

And he’s living in a wee village near Glasgow.

Read it here.

An Aphex Twin official gurner we met in a hotel

An Aphex Twin official gurner we met in a hotel yesterday

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Dad Trax: This Week’s Bangers

A surprise sausage yesterday

A surprise sausage yesterday

Some more vinyl selections – well, we have them on vinyl. Obviously these are on Youtube. It’s the modern way.

Joe – Maximum Busy Muscle (Hessle Audio)

Right good wibbly sounds right here. He’s built his techno from little jazz samples but made something pretty heavy from it with some excellent parping. The other side is good too, bit more housey but still wonky enough to keep us doing our fat little dad shuffle.

Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry (R & S)

A lot of the resurrected R&S label stuff is a bit too nice – coffee table vibes. This one takes a wee while to warm up but has a decent bit of beef to it and a shiny modern take on the hoary old Amen break-inspired hardcore. Not sure who Nancy is but her pantry involves a strobe.

Mecalinum United vs Evil – A New Level (PCP)

We know you dads are desperate for the old skool stuff. Here we have top dad hero Marc Acardipane in 1993 doing his best Eon impression with some scary movie sampling doom electrorave. We have it on the mostly daft Frankfurt Trax Vol 4 compilation.

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Dad Dancing: Mondays Wrote for Luck (in Manchester this time)

The best Mondays tune of course.

Quite a well shot video by the standards of the day. It’s well lit and oddly there isn’t much evidence of gurning or sweating from the dancers.

Loads of great dance moves from the mums and dads though. Sean looks reasonably sane – Tony Wilson explains all at the end when he say ‘just an ordinary Saturday afternoon in Manchester’. It must be a special gig filmed for the telly at a dad-friendly time of day. Hence the relative sanity on display.

Compare it with the madness of a New York club gig.

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Dad Trax: Current Bangers

Some bangers yesterday

Some bangers yesterday

Some big bangers we’re currently rocking.

This double 12″ features some pretty healthy bangers. Vinyl only I’m afraid, on Viewlexx sub-label Murder Capital. This is exactly the kind of evil freak electro that we could imagine getting caned in the Test warmup if Test still existed.

This next record from the Diagonal label is one of the oddest bangers we’ve encountered in a long time. Proper weirdo music. Top.

Buy it here:

Bit late to the party with this next one from a couple of years back. Top dads Neil Landstrumm and JD Twitch of Optimo/Pure fame (whose solo productions keep getting better and better incidentally – some new solo bangers imminently about to drop from him, watch this space). Anyway this EP is awesome. Nice combo of Neil’s classic bleeps with Keith’s more latin/house flavas…sounds like a Warp classic with modern shiny production values, and a wee synth stab straight out of the Tom Tom Club.

Buy it:

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