Head Silhouette Question Mark

We’ve been locked in a basement for the last few years, forced to churn out techno riffs in exchange for scraps of food. Here’s a mix from a few years ago – all dad bits. Gets better the more of it you can endure. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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Glens, Hutchison, Robertsons and Stepek

Remember when you could rent a midi hi fi, a TV and a VHS recorder – all for under £20?

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Dadcast: Summer Jack

Yet another mix from Dr Dempsey. Certifiable vinyl only house and techno. A bit late for summer. In Glasgow it’s been winter since the middle of June.


Dj Swagger & DJ Aedidas – Drift [E-Beamz]
Reade Truth – Another Dilemma [Planet E]
M&Ms -They Came, They Party’d, They Left [Teknotika]
Recloose – Cardiology (Isolee Mix) [Playhouse]
Polarius – Fallin Snow [Creme]
Fingers Inc – I’m Strong (Instrumental Mix) [Clone Classic Cuts]
Randomer & Hodge – Simple As [Vityl Sound]
Modini – Fear [Dixon Avenue Basement Jamms]
Captain Comatose – Birthday Present [Playhouse]
Dj Swagger & DJ Aedidas – ствол [E-Beamz]
Frankie Bones – I Love It! [Pro-Jex]
Cari Lekebusch – Förstår Du Nu? [Hybrid]
Shan – Bassline Party [Running Back]
The Other People Place – Running From Love [Warp]
Soulphiction – Everytime [Perlon]
Infiniti – Game One [Metroplex]

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Dad’s Top 10: Bass N Bleep


The bass. The bleep. As British as fish and chips.

A strain of house that arose in the UK at the time of the acid house explosion, it didn’t rely on the 303, instead taking the massive sub bass of dub and combining it with robotic bleeps.

This list is in no way definitive – some of the tunes don’t even qualify. Rather it’s a personal playlist of UK house from that period that fits the vibe.

Interestingly it’s a sound that has resurfaced many times, and hasn’t really dated. It’s probably the best type of music from the early UK rave era…it feels less nostalgic and gimmicky than a lot of hardcore for instance.

1. Mental Cube – So This Is Love

Mental Cube was a version of Future Sound Of London – the more famous tune was the epic trance techno number ‘Q’ which goes for 50 quid on Discogs. This one is possibly even better though.

2. Sweet Exorcist – Testone

You can’t do bass and bleeps without mentioning Warp Records, can you? That would be ridiculous. Sweet Exorcist was a pair of Richards (see, avoided the obvious knob gag)  – Richard H Kirk, from Sheffield electro-punks Cabaret Voltaire, and Richard Barratt aka DJ Parrott – recently hitting his stride again as Crooked Man. Close Encounters sample, those classic bleeps, and a video by Jarvis Cocker.

3. N- JOI – Techno Gangsters

Remember when The Prodigy were an N-JOI tribute act ? This almost veers into hardcore territory but it’s still minimal enough to qualify as a bass and bleep number. This EP came out just before hardcore had really established its formula – it was an interesting time cos a lot of the records were weird hybrids. And this tune kicks.

4. In Sync – Storm

Irdial Discs was a strange label – lots of releases that were a bit unhinged. Lovely warm bass and drums here, mastered to cheap tape – a sound that people emulate nowadays with plugins.

5. No Smoke – Oh Yes (Freedom)

Tony Thorpe, tropical house kinda thing…for hot summer nights.  I know it’s January, but sling this on and turn up the heating. Probably doesn’t qualify as bass n bleep but my brain files it in the same bin. And it’s very good. So much good recent house music sounds very like this. (Example) This International Smoke Signal album is a cracker, lots of tracks on it that totally stand the test of time.

6. Nexus 21 – Self-Hypnosis

Mark Archer and Chris Peat had their chart-topping moments later with Altern 8 but it all began with Nexus 21.

7. Original Clique – 3 Phase 415V

Chill Records put out original bleep anthem ‘Unique 3  – The Theme’ in 1989, which may well be the tune that was guity of starting the whole thing. We haven’t included it here, just to be annoying. The other side of this is equally good but less bleepy.

8. Autonation – Sit On The Bass

Dad Hero Jerome Hill remixed this for the modern age in fine style recently on his own Don’t Label. Can’t decide whether his remix or this original version is best. Both are great.

9. Rhythmatic – Take Me Back (Bass Head Mix)

We are well into brown note territory when the subs arrive in this Network Records bad boy.

10. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath (LFO Remix)

Of course we could have included LFO- LFO, but this remix allows us to get a 2-for-1 deal going and it’s just lovely. Ultra-spooky house for extreme smoke machine/strobe moments when you suddenly realise that it’s all getting a bit weird – always the best moments – and listen to those subs.

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Dad Cast: Nature One Fury Part 1


Mix made entirely from four records bought at a disused airfield in Germany in 2001.

The records:

Christian Morgenstern – ReDeath Before Disko [Forte]

T Raumschmiere – Boltzplatz EP [Kompakt]

Marcin Czubala – Fuck Loops [Mutter]

Thomas Brinkmann – 46 Valentino EP [Max Ernst]

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Dadcast: The Electro Mix

Dempsey rooting in his crates yesterday

All vinyl mix of quality electro from the 90s/early 00s mostly.

Thanks to Drexciya, Kraftwerk, Eon,  Abe Duque. The Octagon Man, Mescalinium United, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Two Lone Swordsmen, Underground Resistance, Carl Finlow, John Selway, DJ Dijital, Anthony Rother, Industrial Bass Machine ,TEST, Shandy, Robbie, Rubadub, Sacha, Clone, Andrea Parker – Iain Mackie and Niall Young for reminding us that vinyl is better than MP3s – and Bowers and Wilkins for their outstanding bass performance.

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Dad Trax: September Bangers


1. The Twins – Water Coaster

Nice bit of unsettling analogue disco-techno from Optimo Music. This tune makes us think of the famous JD Twitch rave story when he came down with a case of the fear and ran out from behind the decks of the Livingston Forum into the night, to be found later floating down a river in his puffa jacket.

Buy It Here

2. Drexciya – Andrean Sand Dunes

We were having a look through old records the other day and came across this Neptune’s Lair album – in our minds it’s filed away as the ‘new’ Drexciya album. But this was released in 1999. When are we going to get into our thick heads that stuff from 1999 is not new? I guess it was a more overground Drexciya release than the earlier stuff, being on Tresor.

Anyway, it’s just been re-released too, coincidentally. We have an electro mix coming down the pipes very soon, watch this space.

Looks like we have a water theme going. Time for a slash.

Buy It Here

3. Mutsumi – Look Down At Your Feet Below

Veteran Techno Dad Robbie ‘ Jobbie’ Dylan turned us on to this one. Shouty vox, crazy distorted bass shenanigans and funky drums. Late night wrongness.

4. Jerome Hill – Ghetto Rolf 

Even more wrongness. Definitely one for the cack bin – we do love a bit of cack though, and here we have the Don’t Records boss cacking it up with the best of them by combining some seriously silly Rolf ‘paedo’ Harris samples with big Chi-town techno beats. Stay safe, kids.

The other tracks on the EP are not so silly…how could they be ? They are good though. Funky tough techno. Recommended.

Buy It Here

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