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Dad Cast: Nature One Fury Part 1

Mix made entirely from four records bought at a disused airfield in Germany in 2001. The records: Christian Morgenstern – ReDeath Before Disko [Forte] https://www.discogs.com/Christian-Morgenstern-ReDeath-Before-Disko/master/46427 T Raumschmiere – Boltzplatz EP [Kompakt] https://www.discogs.com/TRaumschmiere-Bolzplatz-EP/master/361732 Marcin Czubala – Fuck Loops [Mutter] https://www.discogs.com/artist/6354-Marcin-Czubala Thomas … Continue reading

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Dadcast: 6am Double Dunter

A mix dedicated to those special moments after 6AM when all the best parties really get going. – Heres the tracklist for the kind of folk who like that sort of thing. Plez – Can’t Stop [DMR Zone Miz] A … Continue reading

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Dad Tapes: Neil Landstrumm Live at House of God – 11/11/95

Great find from DJ Surgeon, in a dusty tape box…from Neil’s raw early distorted Chicago-influenced phase when he was releasing stuff on Peacefrog, distorted kicks, squeaky noises, always with killer drum fills and insane energy levels. For those that don’t … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Spiral Tribe in Lewisham library, 1991

In 1991 Castlemorton was a mere twinkle in the Spiral crew’s googly eyes. What you have here is the remnants of a party, still going at it the next day. Dancing in a library. Looks exactly like every party ever … Continue reading

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Dad Dance: N-Joi Adrenalin on TOTP

This clip is properly embarrassing. Great early 90s hair: the bouncing bob. They used to be everywhere. How can you take yourself seriously, pretending to play a synth and wearing cast-offs from a Janet Jackson video? As we’ve seen before … Continue reading

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Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads

For our latest cast of the pod, we celebrate the collision of dance music and those stupid curtain hairstyles. And a couple of songs by The Fall. You may be interested to know that Sheer Taft was from Greenock. Nobody … Continue reading

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Dad Noise: The Schaffel

What do you get when you cross this: With this: Schaffelbeat was a funny little phenomenon that popped up somewhere in the mid 90s in Cologne, Germany (hence the flag), reaching a height of popularity in the early noughties with … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Blawan – What You Do With What You Have

If you thought Dads only have ears for the music of the past, think again. We do like some new tunes. They are getting quite hard to find though, partly cos we now almost never go to a record shop … Continue reading

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Dad Chat: Paul Reset

As a recently anointed Techno Dad himself, DJ, producer, blogger, renowned beard wearer, label runner and all round electronic good egg Paul Reset has been doing the duties on the 1s and 2s for many years round The Hood. The … Continue reading

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Dadcast 9: Production Unit – Mature Cheddar

The day every DJ dreads has finally come: someone has asked you to play at their wedding. The question is, how do you deal with it? Some simply refuse point blank. Rude, but probably wise. Others take the plunge and … Continue reading

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