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Snub TV – KLF

You really don’t get music TV shows like this any more – you know, where a non-ironic journalist asks intelligent questions of someone interesting. I guess the closest thing would be the occasional Culture Show music item. Here’s the KLF … Continue reading

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How To: Make Techno (UK Version)

Ah, the soothing tones of Fred Harris. The voice of so much informative broadcasting in the 80s. A quick Wikipedia trawl reveals he now resides in the broom cupboard of British Forces Broadcasting Service. This clip from the BBC’s Micro … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Baby Ford – Ford Trax

The 1988 Baby Ford album was the very first house/techno release that I ever owned. Baby Ford continues to occasionally make genius records. A more recent example would be his Chicken Store release on the best label of the noughties … Continue reading

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Mark Archer (Altern8) – Frequency Remixes

Frequency is Altern8’s best tune. It still kicks. Usually classics are best left alone and the remix job is akin to flogging a dead horse, or rather taking a distinguished old thoroughbred out from its nice warm stable and shooting … Continue reading

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Dadcast 7 – Jack In Your Trance Face

Not much jack in this really, mostly quite pumpin techno, some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. The kind of stuff I used to play at an illegal outdoor rave party around 3am, not the kind of epic shite … Continue reading

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Dadcast 6: Ambient Dads

A real blast from the past, I decided to do an ‘ambient’ mix. I don’t mean ambient in the sense of whale sounds and new age crystal bothering, I mean in the good old fashioned sense of a chillout room … Continue reading

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Dad Noise: The Hoover

The first thing to say about the hoover noise is it sounds nothing like a hoover. It was a preset called ‘WHAT THE…’ on an adequate but otherwise unremarkable synth, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 (EDIT: also on the Alpha … Continue reading

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