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Dad Chat: Live remixing is crap

Don’t today’s digital DJs drink beer? There’s no time for beer drinking if you are desperately pushing buttons like a digital muppet. Look at this numpty. Just because there is a button there doesn’t mean you have to push it. … Continue reading

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Techno Dads Technical Rider

When you book Techno Dads for your event, here’s what we need from you. Technical Requirements One dirty 4 way adapter. Must have beer stains. 2x questionable Technics turntables that nobody has used for ages because everyone uses CDJs now. … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: DJ Peter Hook

Famous for pursing his lips while holding his bass guitar far too near the ground, and for having hair that looks like he is permanently driving a convertible at high speed, Hooky has recently transformed himself into the most embarrassing … Continue reading

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Mr Vast – Ease & Speed

Mr Harry Vast of Wevie Stonder ‘fame’ has an album of musical meandering about to be extracted from his strange and childlike mind. As a taster, he’s made a couple of deep, thought-provoking videos, check em out. Anyone who loves … Continue reading

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How To: Make Techno (US Version)

An epic symphony of Cack from 1996 Hollywood B Movie Vibrations. It’s about a mulleted rock star who loses his hands so starts making techno in a robot suit. This guy explains exactly how to make techno, and has evidently … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Glasgow Diamonds

Amazing stuff. Those cheerleaders dancing in front of a dirty lockup…the open topped bus with Greggs in the background…the sax solo when there’s no sax playing. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Glaswegian American football team’s … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Mulligan and Ohare’s Tittybiscuits

This is a cack masterpiece from the famous man-boobed folk duo, but it’s the instrumental version of Brimful of Asha by Cornershop that really does the damage. Wevie Stonder based their entire act on this one sketch. Probably. SIDCUP!

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Dad Chat: Wevie Stonder

I’ve been a fan of Wevie Stonder since the first release Eat Your Own Ears on Skam back in 2000. I still have an A4 insert from that LP up on my wall featuring a chihuahua and a story about … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Mark E Smith with Gorillaz at Glastonbury

Damon’s face says it all really. ‘Oh my God, I’ve let a jakey on the stage.’ Back in the Bungo I was doing my fat little dad dance. Finally something a bit punk in the blandathon which is the BBC … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Phil Mitchell on Crack

I challenge anyone to find a more embarrassing example of dad dancing than this. Phil Mitchell is bad enough just on his own, with his bright red potato head, not to mention having Ross Kemp as a brother. And now … Continue reading

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