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Dad Dancing: Belgian house doc in Flemish

This appears to be a Belgian news programme attempting to explain house and techno to the squares. Features 808 State, Jon Da Silva, Paul Oakenfold back when he used to play decent Frank De Wulf records – and featuring Frank … Continue reading

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Radio Soulwax: This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium

One of the things that really annoyed us Techno Dads back in the day was the weird BPM arms race that occurred from 1992 onwards in rave music. You actually got numpties making 300bpm gabba records, while Scotland went resolutely … Continue reading

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Dad Noise: The Hoover

The first thing to say about the hoover noise is it sounds nothing like a hoover. It was a preset called ‘WHAT THE…’ on an adequate but otherwise unremarkable synth, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 (EDIT: also on the Alpha … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing – Rhythm Device – Acid Rock

There was a time that rock n roll was easy – but now it’s clean and heavy. Amen to that. Techno hero Frank De Wulf made this in 1989. Amazing examples of dad dancing from some serious-faced Belgians with mullets … Continue reading

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Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody

Another dad dancing classic from the Benelux axis. It’s definitely on the cheesy side, and goes in the same pre-gabba bucket as Sperminator. I was actually quite disappointed when gabba sped up around 1993 cos I loved the sounds they … Continue reading

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Spectrum – Brasil (Remix)

Absolute belter of an R&S Record. The bit where the bassline drops after the rave stab breakdown is massive. I have it on the original vinyl of the 1991 Order To Dance compilation. There is something really special about the … Continue reading

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Open Mind aka Joey Beltram – The Trance

OK people, I’ve started a music blog. The title says it all really. A blog for old ravers with beer bellies. Though not neccessarily techno and not necessarily dads. First up: a tune from Mr Joey Beltram, Brooklyn’s finest. I’ve … Continue reading

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