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Dad Dancing: Scooter Rave

A group of young ruffians from the low countries doing their best to confuse the local neighbourhood watch. These kids are probably too young to be dads but they are certainly embarrassing. Sure beats looting though.

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Dad Tape: Tanith at Universe 1992

Most old rave tapes are best left in the dusty glove compartment of ancient history. You think ‘I used to love that tape of DJ Ratbag at the Eclipse’, and thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can now … Continue reading

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Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody

Another dad dancing classic from the Benelux axis. It’s definitely on the cheesy side, and goes in the same pre-gabba bucket as Sperminator. I was actually quite disappointed when gabba sped up around 1993 cos I loved the sounds they … Continue reading

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Sperminator – No Women Allowed

This is a monster, this tune. The bit after the scream when it fully kicks in is massive. It was released on Rotterdam Records in 1992, just before gabba┬ásped up to the point where no dad could possibly dance to … Continue reading

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