Dad Trax: September Bangers


1. The Twins – Water Coaster

Nice bit of unsettling analogue disco-techno from Optimo Music. This tune makes us think of the famous JD Twitch rave story when he came down with a case of the fear and ran out from behind the decks of the Livingston Forum into the night, to be found later floating down a river in his puffa jacket.

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2. Drexciya – Andrean Sand Dunes

We were having a look through old records the other day and came across this Neptune’s Lair album – in our minds it’s filed away as the ‘new’ Drexciya album. But this was released in 1999. When are we going to get into our thick heads that stuff from 1999 is not new? I guess it was a more overground Drexciya release than the earlier stuff, being on Tresor.

Anyway, it’s just been re-released too, coincidentally. We have an electro mix coming down the pipes very soon, watch this space.

Looks like we have a water theme going. Time for a slash.

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3. Mutsumi – Look Down At Your Feet Below

Veteran Techno Dad Robbie ‘ Jobbie’ Dylan turned us on to this one. Shouty vox, crazy distorted bass shenanigans and funky drums. Late night wrongness.

4. Jerome Hill – Ghetto Rolf 

Even more wrongness. Definitely one for the cack bin – we do love a bit of cack though, and here we have the Don’t Records boss cacking it up with the best of them by combining some seriously silly Rolf ‘paedo’ Harris samples with big Chi-town techno beats. Stay safe, kids.

The other tracks on the EP are not so silly…how could they be ? They are good though. Funky tough techno. Recommended.

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