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Dad Dance: N-Joi Adrenalin on TOTP

This clip is properly embarrassing. Great early 90s hair: the bouncing bob. They used to be everywhere. How can you take yourself seriously, pretending to play a synth and wearing cast-offs from a Janet Jackson video? As we’ve seen before … Continue reading

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Dad Dance: Total Confusion on Dance Energy, 1991

Web things like the Boiler Room are what have replaced Dance Energy now. That’s all a bit serious though. The clothes, the hair and above all the dancing were much more fun back in 1991. The key word is ‘energy’, … Continue reading

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Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads

For our latest cast of the pod, we celebrate the collision of dance music and those stupid curtain hairstyles. And a couple of songs by The Fall. You may be interested to know that Sheer Taft was from Greenock. Nobody … Continue reading

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