Dad Trax: This Week’s Bangers

A surprise sausage yesterday

A surprise sausage yesterday

Some more vinyl selections – well, we have them on vinyl. Obviously these are on Youtube. It’s the modern way.

Joe – Maximum Busy Muscle (Hessle Audio)

Right good wibbly sounds right here. He’s built his techno from little jazz samples but made something pretty heavy from it with some excellent parping. The other side is good too, bit more housey but still wonky enough to keep us doing our fat little dad shuffle.

Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry (R & S)

A lot of the resurrected R&S label stuff is a bit too nice – coffee table vibes. This one takes a wee while to warm up but has a decent bit of beef to it and a shiny modern take on the hoary old Amen break-inspired hardcore. Not sure who Nancy is but her pantry involves a strobe.

Mecalinum United vs Evil – A New Level (PCP)

We know you dads are desperate for the old skool stuff. Here we have top dad hero Marc Acardipane in 1993 doing his best Eon impression with some scary movie sampling doom electrorave. We have it on the mostly daft Frankfurt Trax Vol 4 compilation.

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