Dad Dancing: Humanoid on Hitman and Her

The Hitman and Her was a cheap late night music show presented by Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan. They would visit a nightclub and dancers would strut about with normal punters in the background, leading to the weird scenes you see here, with scantily clad women doing aerobics right in front of leering drunk blokes wearing ties.

It took me a while to work out it was filmed at Flicks nightclub in Brechin, a small town north of Dundee which bizarrely has a cathedral – hence it claims to be a city. It happens to be where my mum is from.

In the 80s Flicks was famous throughout the land for its shonky lighting rig – you can see how rubbish it was in this clip. They would actually play the theme from 2001 at a certain point in the night when they switched it all on. People travelled from all over in buses just to see this.

Nevertheless the tune is the pretty tasty 1988 UK pop-acid number Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid, which was a chart hit from an early incarnation of Future Sound Of London. I think it’s because this is such a good tune that this clip is so wrong. Stakker Humanoid himself posted it on Youtube.

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8 Responses to Dad Dancing: Humanoid on Hitman and Her

  1. Roki says:

    Can’t believe you spotted that was Flicks! They used to advertise in Perth Cinema before each film boasting about their “twin beam argon lasers”… I had my first “proper” night out there with the Rhumba, Digweed and Weatherall… tremendous night!

  2. Dr Bungo says:

    Top one nice one.

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  4. themillzo says:

    I tell you what, there’s no way in God’s earth those girls are from Brechin.

    I remember the night the Hitman and Her came to Electric Whispers in Perth. My God it was grim.

  5. Adimasu says:

    wow wow……
    Amazing DANCE ……

  6. David Smith says:

    All those blokes came in by bus – nobody in Brechin wears a tie except to a funeral, lol.

  7. samalbahaykubo says:

    Michaela Strachan…can anyone figure out her TV longevity? Seriously…

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