Dad Dancing: Keith Allen invades Happy Mondays

STOP PRESS: we have a dadcast we did for the baggy dads, get it right in your pod.

Back to the clip…Impressive example of dad dancing from Keith Allen. He’s managed to actually wangle his way onto the stage to do his chubby little rave dance.

The clip captures the controlled chaos of the Mondays at their peak. Filmed at New York City’s Sound Factory in 1990, it’s like a load of munters from a rave have suddenly formed a band.

Wrote For Luck is their best song by far. About 5 minutes in it descends into madness – it really captures the atmosphere of a club dancefloor in 1990. There’s all sorts going on. Some proper gurning – watch the bass player’s eyes rolling into the back of his head. Bez being Bez to the full – his face at the end when he grabs the mic is amazing…God knows what the Yanks made of it at the time.

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