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Dadcast 12 – Dr Dempsey’s Acid Kitchen

Dempsey’s making dinner tonight, and he’s only got one ingredient: acid. Sitting in his hipster kitchen he takes an angry excursion through techno old and new, united by the silver beastie. He informs us he used Traktor, which for Dads … Continue reading

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Dad Noise: Acid

Once upon a time there was Jack. And Jack had a groove, a groove called House. And House begat an evil child. And Lo! That child was named Acid. Acid spread throughout the world and became responsible for tabloid hysteria, … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: S Express – Hey Music Lover – Vimto Edit

Errzi big slab of acid cheese. Get it right up ye. Occasional dad-house disc jockey MC Vimto takes a dirty great pair of scissors to William Orbit’s daft but fairly rare¬†Spatial Expansion acid¬†remix of the already quite daft pop house … Continue reading

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Love Inc – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

This tune is huge. It’s made for those moments when the lighting monkey is a bit drunk and trigger happy with the smoke machine, and then forgets to turn off the strobes. Boof. Mike Ink is a bit of an … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing – Rhythm Device – Acid Rock

There was a time that rock n roll was easy – but now it’s clean and heavy. Amen to that. Techno hero Frank De Wulf made this in 1989. Amazing examples of dad dancing from some serious-faced Belgians with mullets … Continue reading

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The Pump Panel – Ego Acid

Filthy Friday banger number two is this 303 techno monster from 1994. As I have said before, the acid techno genre is probably more likely than any other to produce embarrassing Techno Dad behaviour. Big fish little fish cardboard box, … Continue reading

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Dad Cast 3: Fear Of Dads

Dads can be scary. This is a mix of quite worrying early proto-rave music and acid. Begins with Earth Leakage Trip – No Idea…the scariest rave tune by far. The doors are where the windows should be… Tracks: Earth Leakage … Continue reading

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