Dad Chat: Richard D James Aphex Twin Interview

An Aphex Twin blimp yesterday

You may not have noticed if you don’t pay attention, but top dad and Aphex Twin Richard D James has an album about to drop.

We’ve been watching with interest the slightly ludicrous publicity campaign, which has involved a blimp and information being released on the dark web.

And now he’s come out from behind his scary mask to do a phone interview for Rolling Stone. And it’s a really good interview. As always you wonder how many of his answers are just made up, but we surmise not that many.

It turns out he’s battling with the same shite as all of us – namely trying to find time to do techno stuff around screaming children and school runs. And why wouldn’t he be ?

And he’s living in a wee village near Glasgow.

Read it here.

An Aphex Twin official gurner we met in a hotel

An Aphex Twin official gurner we met in a hotel yesterday

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Dad Trax: This Week’s Bangers

A surprise sausage yesterday

A surprise sausage yesterday

Some more vinyl selections – well, we have them on vinyl. Obviously these are on Youtube. It’s the modern way.

Joe – Maximum Busy Muscle (Hessle Audio)

Right good wibbly sounds right here. He’s built his techno from little jazz samples but made something pretty heavy from it with some excellent parping. The other side is good too, bit more housey but still wonky enough to keep us doing our fat little dad shuffle.

Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry (R & S)

A lot of the resurrected R&S label stuff is a bit too nice – coffee table vibes. This one takes a wee while to warm up but has a decent bit of beef to it and a shiny modern take on the hoary old Amen break-inspired hardcore. Not sure who Nancy is but her pantry involves a strobe.

Mecalinum United vs Evil – A New Level (PCP)

We know you dads are desperate for the old skool stuff. Here we have top dad hero Marc Acardipane in 1993 doing his best Eon impression with some scary movie sampling doom electrorave. We have it on the mostly daft Frankfurt Trax Vol 4 compilation.

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Dad Dancing: Mondays Wrote for Luck (in Manchester this time)

The best Mondays tune of course.

Quite a well shot video by the standards of the day. It’s well lit and oddly there isn’t much evidence of gurning or sweating from the dancers.

Loads of great dance moves from the mums and dads though. Sean looks reasonably sane – Tony Wilson explains all at the end when he say ‘just an ordinary Saturday afternoon in Manchester’. It must be a special gig filmed for the telly at a dad-friendly time of day. Hence the relative sanity on display.

Compare it with the madness of a New York club gig.

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Dad Trax: Current Bangers

Some bangers yesterday

Some bangers yesterday

Some big bangers we’re currently rocking.

This double 12″ features some pretty healthy bangers. Vinyl only I’m afraid, on Viewlexx sub-label Murder Capital. This is exactly the kind of evil freak electro that we could imagine getting caned in the Test warmup if Test still existed.

This next record from the Diagonal label is one of the oddest bangers we’ve encountered in a long time. Proper weirdo music. Top.

Buy it here:

Bit late to the party with this next one from a couple of years back. Top dads Neil Landstrumm and JD Twitch of Optimo/Pure fame (whose solo productions keep getting better and better incidentally – some new solo bangers imminently about to drop from him, watch this space). Anyway this EP is awesome. Nice combo of Neil’s classic bleeps with Keith’s more latin/house flavas…sounds like a Warp classic with modern shiny production values, and a wee synth stab straight out of the Tom Tom Club.

Buy it:

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Dad Trax: 10 Tunes with Pianos In

A happy monkey yesterday

A happy monkey yesterday

Pianos were the first synthesizer, in that even a moron with no musical ability can just monkey about and make nice noises.

Here’s 10 big piano tunes, some of which will make dads cry. Many of them pretty obvious really. Feel free to share less obvious ones.

1. Derrick May – Strings Of the Strings of Life

Don’t need to say much about this…do we? Other than – I think the story is that Derrick had his mate over and he played the piano bit. Then May made an entire career out of it. This is a nice kinda chill out room version. Bit long. We actually had Strings of Life on our first ever rave tape which we obtained in 1990 when most people still didn’t really know what a rave was. It was an unbelievably hissy copy of a copy of a Pure tape and Strings of Life was the first tune.

2. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

Another one we dont need to say much about really. Chicago. House. Etc.

3. The Hypnotist – The House Is Mine

This one would also go in a top 10 massive rave drops category for the big noise that bursts in. RIP Caspar Pound. Stole the piano vamp from Richie Havens…see below.

4. Suburban Knight – The Warning

Spooky UR batcave techno. As in a lot of rave music the piano is sampled and pitched weirdly so it almost doesnt sound like a piano any more. This is a lot more morose than rave music tho. Always liked morose techno rather than happy stuff…Classic from the Test days, remember Shandy dropping it in the ‘warmup’ at the Sub Club with far too much smoke going on.

5. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go

Had to pick at least one big piano pop rave tune. This is awfully cheesy admittedly but there’s something about the break…sounded awesome blasting out the huge warehouse rave sound system at Rezerection and begs for a bit of turbofoot rave dancing. All the big rave DJs used to play it. XL records.

6. Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots

We were actually lucky enough to meet the great man himself one time a few years back. Lovely bit of disco soul for that sun coming up good feeling 6am party vibe, that supplied the piano riff Caspar Pound sampled for The Hypnotist tune above.

7. Jeff Mills – Changes Of Life

It’s kind of interesting how many of these tunes are really obvious. This is a monster tho. One of those turn the lights on at the end of the night numbers…as is the Hypnotist. Something about a big piano riff.

8. Paul Woolford – Untitled

Had to have SOMETHING new on this list just to prove we’re not dead. This is a summer hit from Northern dude Woolford on Hotflush…dangerously close to being generic tech house gubbins. HMm. Is it any good? Actually not sure now…you decide.

9. The Juan McLean – Happy House

This became a bit of a staple of Techno Dads’ more housey/disco-y sets a few years back…and we still play it sometimes. Usually slow it down a bit tho as you can hear here.. Kind of a cover version of Do It Now by Dubtribe Sound System, by New York DFA dude Juan McLean.

10. Cannonball Adderley – Come Sunday

Finishing up with some piano jazz. One of the things about being an old cunt is you start to realise that stuff like this is not half bad. Round about the same time you stop worrying about whether it’s OK to wear a cardigan.

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Dad Dancing: Belgian house doc in Flemish

This appears to be a Belgian news programme attempting to explain house and techno to the squares.

Features 808 State, Jon Da Silva, Paul Oakenfold back when he used to play decent Frank De Wulf records – and featuring Frank De Wulf himself in his studio wearing a lovely navy jumper. And CJ Bolland playing in Bridlington – the vid cuts off just as he’s dropping Mescalinum United We HAve Arrived…on the news! Check the pony-tailed Yorkshire bloke introducing him. Funny stuff.

Some brilliant Flemish consonants peppered with the odd English phrase like ‘repetitive beat’ , and of course genius Belgian New Beat/techno sounds.

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Techno Dads Desert Island Discs

Kirsty taking it easy yesterday

1. Grinderman – Love Bomb

Starting off the list with something big and angry. And it mentions Woman’s Hour.

2. Wevie Stonder – Ton Wah

Watch out. There’s a bollard. Yes Kirsty that’s right. A BOLLARD.

Nice motor.

3. Lydia Lunch – Dear Whores

The ultimate redundancy tune. Send it to your boss.

4. Joe Meek & The Blue Men – Entry Of The Globbots

Put this on for the long slow intro, sneak out of the dinner party and time your return for the drums, brazenly wearing a pair of incongruous ladies’ knee high boots to do a creepy little Cossack dance. We’ve all done it.

5. English Muffin – The Blood of an English Muffin

Industrial Strength insanity from Lenny Dee. You need at least one gabba tune.

6. Thomas Brinkmann – Concept 1 96-VR Track 1

Thomas did a mad thing, he built a turntable with two arms. Then he played Richie Hawtin’s uber-minimalist Concept techno records on it and mixed between the 2 signals. What a mentalist.

7. Hawkwind – Master Of The Universe (Space Ritual Version)

Fuck you all, dad’s having a freakout to himself and listening to Hawkwind at top volume. A version of this is on some bloody car advert at the moment. The world has indeed gone mad.

8. Beltram – Energy Flash

When we’ve all gone senile from the years of serotonin depletion and are living in old folks homes, we’ll do a special dribbly head nod dance to this when it comes on Radio 2’s old time retro techno hour, which will be presented by a toothless Dave Clarke live from his underground base on the moon. You know it’s true.

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