Open Mind aka Joey Beltram – The Trance

OK people, I’ve started a music blog. The title says it all really. A blog for old ravers with beer bellies. Though not neccessarily techno and not necessarily dads.

First up: a tune from Mr Joey Beltram, Brooklyn’s finest. I’ve dad danced to this man’s music on countless occasions. I’ve been unable to find out if Joey is a techno dad himself, though it seems likely, as he is about the right age.

This is a perhaps less well known number featuring a killer hi-hat pattern from the daddy of daft drum machines, the Casio RZ1. Notable for using the word ‘trance’ in the days before it became synonymous with shite, it was originally released on Easy Street Records in 1990, and later came out on a re-release 1996 compo called ‘Classics’ from that most paternal of Belgian labels, R&S.


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