Air Liquide – This Is Not A Mind Trip

This tune is firmly in the embarassing acid trance category, and would inspire me to do a big fish-little fish dad dance in the right circumstances. The bit where the 303 comes in is one of ‘those bits’. The lady’s voice is a bit dated though.

Air Liquide was a duo, also known Jammin Unit and Walker, from Cologne. In the early-mid 90s, I was a massive fan of the acid techno sound of Cologne. Other proponents of this sound included Mike Ink (aka Wolfgang Voigt). Jammin Unit and Walker put out loads of tunes under a variety of aliases on labels like Djungle Fever, Force Inc and Casper Pound’s Rising High, a lot of fast stuff with distorted 303s. Some of it hasn’t weathered well and just sounds like a bit of a racket nowadays. Air Liquide I think was very much a live set and album project, with a lot of ambient tunes and more experimental sounds.

Dr Walker put out a few new Djungle Fever releases 10 years ago which were pretty good, but then he seemed to disappear again. Probably being a techno dad somewhere I expect…

Download: Air Liquide – This Is Not A Mind Trip (Live At Love Parade 1994)

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