The JAMMs – It’s Grim Up North

Thanks Gareth for providing this photo – original artwork from an NME advert – from before Photoshop when it was all done with glue

It’s Grim Up North is possibly the best KLF tune (albeit actually by the JAMMs) – though What Time is Love? is more of a party favourite. And it’s true. It is grim up north. I’d quite like to do a Fife version: ‘It’s shite in Fife’, listing places like Puddledub, Burntisland and Kingskettle in a Fife accent, since I’m from Fife.

This was actually a remake – there was a limited release with Pete Wylie on vocals before this…but this is the best version.

A combination of simple but clever ideas: the siren-ish sound (which I think is probably the shift-change hooter you hear in’t mill); the list of northern towns; the rolling industrial techno; and the Jerusalem ending – all thrown together to make a true dad dancing classic.

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