Mach – On and On

Here’s the tune that plays in the Rahaan clip from our Dad Dancing section earlier today. It’s a belter! Get your dad on.

It does go On and On though. The clue is in the title. When I play this (I hesitate to say ‘out’ as most of my DJ gigs are now in the imaginary club inside my head), I have a cue point set up around the beep beep toot toot section so I can jump to it and then loop it for a while. It takes a bit too long to get to that point.

It inspired one of the very first house records, Jesse Saunders On and On, which apparently he created as he’d lost his copy of this.

It appears it was originally released as a bootleg 12″ in 1980.

It’s an edit/mashup of the following tunes:

Munich Machine – Get On The Funk Train
Playback – Space Invaders
Lipps Inc. – Funky Town
Donna Summer – Bad Girls (acapella)

Big thanks to iamelectron for introducing me to this tune and to the Rahaan clip too.

DOWNLOAD: Mach – On and On

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