Dad Dancing: Sharevari on The Scene

The earliest yet example of dad dancing, from 1982. This clip has some outstanding moves from Detroit pre-techno dads. Stuff I could only really achieve in my head. I’d think I was tearing it up but when someone played me back a video I was actually doing a decapitated chicken type move.

Sharevari was a proto-electro tune. Featuring a great analogue synth bassline and a rather silly pseudo-Eurotrash vocal that made it popular with the Electroclash set (remember that??), it has been much remixed (see this 2002 release on Gigolo) and has even been remade by a Garage-punk band, The Dirtbombs, with some techno-ish remixes completing the circle.

But now to the Dad Dancing.

My favourite is the bloke pretending to play a guitar. Or maybe the white-looking guy at 3’00. I hesitate to say the guy with the moustache because they all seem to have them. Let the dads kick.

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