Dad Dancing: Spiral Tribe in Lewisham library, 1991

In 1991 Castlemorton was a mere twinkle in the Spiral crew’s googly eyes. What you have here is the remnants of a party, still going at it the next day. Dancing in a library.

Looks exactly like every party ever that has gone on way past the time when people should really be in their beds. Watch at 2 minutes when the bloke in the red hat pulls some nice arm moves, and the impressively bendy guy next to him thinks ‘I can top that’, combines the arm move with a knee dip. Class.

Where are they now, the crusty ravers? They have cut off their dreadlocks and become web designers. A few have gone to France and are still at it, because people in France like 180 bpm acid techno even today. And the weather’s a bit less depressing if you’ve made a lifestyle decision to live in a bus.

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4 Responses to Dad Dancing: Spiral Tribe in Lewisham library, 1991

  1. Tim Aldiss says:

    Blimey I never knew Lewisham Library ever had it so good! Classic footage 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Shoosh Please !

  3. Steve says:

    The bendy guy is Rhydian (not sure of the spelling), he used to come to our parties every week, usually hitch-hiked from the vally’s. Hardcore gezza. 😉 I made a major contribution to helping this one happen… along with many others.

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