Dad Dancing: The Orb on Top Of The Pops

The standard dance music TV appearance in 1992 involved pretending to play a keyboard in a bomber jacket while a lady in a bra threw arm shapes. The Orb took to mainstream pop music TV wearing white boiler suits, sitting beneath a laser playing chess. Classic ambient dad non-dancing.

The Blue Room came out in the long hot summer of 92. Featuring a Jah Wobble dub bassline and alien abduction schtick, it was The Orb at the height of their ambient house powers – if you saw them live around this time you know that’s true. The Blue Room was the longest single ever made – the CD release clocked in at just under 40 minutes. And somehow it never got boring.

They toured with DJ Lewis (where he now? anyone?) and their huge light show and sound system inspired more than a few religious experiences during a legendary gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands. (I was there. Incidentally I also saw them at Calton Studios in Edinburgh roughly a year before at the tail end of 1991. That was a crazy gig too).

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2 Responses to Dad Dancing: The Orb on Top Of The Pops

  1. the todd says:

    I was at that gig in the studios in 91. it was my first gig of any kind. Total madness best describes it. Still 20yrs later one of my favourite nights ever

    • Dr Bungo says:

      Mad that you were there, I remember the stage and the orb being all white, and loads of huge strobes. Also there was a lot of Hoover rave when the orb weren’t on. Crazy

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