Eon – A Kind Of Living (Green Icing Mix)

Eon was responsible for some of UK dad techno’s most distinctive tunes, very much carving out his own path with film soundtrack sampling, big filthy beats and huge synth lines – absolute classics like Dune-sampling Spice and Fear: The Mindkiller, and the ludicrous Basket Case, which has the silliest hoover noise ever committed to vinyl. I will post that one in future actually – I have all three of those singles on vinyl, fact fans. Eon was Ian Loveday who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

For today though, this is a more restrained housey track with a lovely warm analogue bass riff. I think Baby Ford was involved somehow.  Taken from a CD I used to own (no idea why I didn’t have the vinyl), Eon’s 1992 album Void Dweller, which was released on the often fabulous early UK rave label Vinyl Solution. J Saul Kane (who was I think the label boss?) also had some input to some of these productions.

In case you are wondering if there is any logic to my selections – the answer is no.

Eon: A Kind Of Living (Green Icing Mix)


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