Dad Dancing: Mark E Smith with Gorillaz at Glastonbury

Damon’s face says it all really. ‘Oh my God, I’ve let a jakey on the stage.’

Back in the Bungo I was doing my fat little dad dance. Finally something a bit punk in the blandathon which is the BBC TV version of Glasto. Mark E Smith swaggers on with one black leather glove looking like the Mancunian Gestapo, looking totally nonchalant, like he does this every week. First he steps up to the wrong mic. Then he tries to make it look like he always tries to sing into the wrong mic just as a warm-up. Then he reads his lyrics off a bit of paper. And Damon looks a bit worried.

Looking at the clip again though, it seems to me like the reason Damo is freaking out is actually because they have an air raid siren on stage and someone has forgotten to mic it up, cos you can’t hear it in the mix. That would piss me off as well. An air raid siren on the Pyramid stage is a cool idea.

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