Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads


For our latest cast of the pod, we celebrate the collision of dance music and those stupid curtain hairstyles. And a couple of songs by The Fall.

You may be interested to know that Sheer Taft was from Greenock. Nobody makes tunes like that now, and why would they?

Kinda an odd interpretation of the idea of indie this…based on being drunk one night after watching a Screamadelica doc and remembering something called ‘indie dance’ that was around in the early 90s.

DOWNLOAD: Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads


Big Hard Excellent Fish ft Margie Clarke – The Imperfect List
The Fall/Coldcut – Telephone Thing
Happy Mondays – Wrote For Luck (We Love Mondays edit)
Sheer Taft – Cascades
Bocca Juniors – Substance (Remix)
Speedy J – DeOrbit
My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Weatherall Remix)
The Fall – Big New Prinz

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3 Responses to Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads

  1. Georgethe23rd says:

    Unless I’m wrong it’s not Margie Clarke on the excellent Imperfect List

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