Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody

Another dad dancing classic from the Benelux axis. It’s definitely on the cheesy side, and goes in the same pre-gabba bucket as Sperminator. I was actually quite disappointed when gabba sped up around 1993 cos I loved the sounds they were making, but I like dancing, and you literally cannot dad dance to music faster than about 135bpm. You can only really jump up and down. Which isn’t dancing.

Mind you I can dance to drum n bass which is like 170bpm. Maybe I just never figured out how to dance to it.

This ticks quite a few of Techno Dads’ little ravey boxes. Massive riffs – check. Enormous kick drum – check. Crowd noise – check. Apache whoop section – check.

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1 Response to Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody

  1. clom says:

    vocodery-voice saying “BASS” – check.

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