Dad Tape: Tanith at Universe 1992

An old rave flyer yesterday

Most old rave tapes are best left in the dusty glove compartment of ancient history. You think ‘I used to love that tape of DJ Ratbag at the Eclipse’, and thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can now find that old tape. And you discover it’s shit.

This tape from German DJ Tanith is different. Most of the tunes have not really dated, which is quite amazing. It’s once again in that category we seem to be gravitating towards a lot on here, the pre-gabba hardcore Euro techno sound – a lot of it from the lord of doomcore himself Marc Acardipane, who churned out plenty of rubbish, but also released some of the best techno music ever made (see this EP). The MCing is fairly minimal and recorded at a sensible level. The mixing is endearingly shoddy, just banging the tunes in without beatmatching. You wouldn’t really get away with that nowadays, which is a shame, since playing actual good tunes is a lot more important than clever knob twiddling. A lot of people forget that. The sound quality is quite muffled, though.

PS: Here’s some discussion on a forum frequented by a lot of techno dad types who were actually at this rave in various states of disrepair.

PPS: the other side of the tape is now available too – you should probably listen to that first. Features The Producer and the beginning of the Tanith mix. The Producer can beatmatch properly too, as an added bonus.

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2 Responses to Dad Tape: Tanith at Universe 1992

  1. The Double K says:

    “Most of the tunes have not really dated”… I dare you to ask a 20 year-old if they agree with this assertion!

    All the same, massive set to be sure, Tanith used to be about the hardest Dj out there, crazy banging techno…

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