The Stalker – Blast

Beast of a tune from Orlando Voorn in 1997 with truly enormous and silly alien invasion synth riffs that still sound mental. Used to fairly make the Sub Club erupt when it got played at Test.

Watch out for the hihats and snare appearing at 1.33, a nice DJ moment. It’s a real DJ friendly number, if you’re the sort of DJ who likes to freak people out with weird noises. At the time techno was going through a phase of everyone copying Jeff Mills and Rob Hood making really boring minimal loopy gubbins (sound familiar? swings and roundabouts), and this was one of the non-boring standout tracks.

Orlando is still releasing quality tuneage – you can buy a shitload of his stuff here. He is perhaps best known for the George Clinton-sampling Fix Flash from 1992 which is one of those all time techno classics.

I hope he doesn’t mind me posting this…as far as I can tell it is not available to buy anywhere (apart from second hand vinyl of course).

DOWNLOAD: The Stalker – Blast

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