Dad Cast 4 – Hektor Ruiez

A delectable combination of nu and old skool raveables for your earholes courtesy of Techno Dad Hektor Ruiez. He even made a rather lovely cover for it, being as he’s a bit of a wizard with Photoshop.

This Dad Cast contains a couple of Hektor’s own productions – his current release as one half of Stick 430 features choice cuts of modernised rave looking backwards to the future which has us jiggling our fat little beer bellies. If you like the sound of it here, why not head over to Juno and exchange the price of a beer for it.

Here is the purchase link: Stick 430 – Ravemore EP

Plus, don’t forget the other Dad Casts on here for your aural enjoyment….

You can find more Hektor mixes and other assorted good selections over here.


Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Heat It Up
Marcus Rafferty – Classic OS
Cosmo and Dibs – Oh So Nice
Stick 430 – Boom Toon
Stick 430 – Wowmore
The Wee DJs – Wee Rule Electro
Ramadanman – Dubba
Marcus Rafferty – Locker 201

DOWNLOAD: Dad Cast 4 – I Love Techno Dads by Hektor Ruiez

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