Cameo – Money (Reese Revamp)

Cameo - Money

It’s Friday – time for a huge banger. This Kevin Saunderson rave epic stretches the idea of a remix to the limit. You have Cameo’s vocal over a rolling breakbeat, a monster kick, a wee hoover sample and that ‘aa haa haaaaa’ vocal. Kicks like a mule and as with all KMS’ best work, sounds fresh as a daisy despite being from 1992. My favourite line is ‘It’s not easy being cheesy’ which thanks to the wonder of digital DJing I can loop for fun and frolicks. Watch out for that cheap trick in a forthcoming ravey prodcast.

As with so moany of his best tunes it was much sampled by the UK hardcore scene – off the top of my head I remember 2 Bad Mice reusing the vocal to great effect in another good tune, their remix of Blame’s Music Takes You (one I’ll share another day perhaps cos I got it on me shelf).

DOWNLOAD: Cameo – Money (Reese Revamp)

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2 Responses to Cameo – Money (Reese Revamp)

  1. petedevnull says:

    great tune, great blog, just found it when searching for other blogs which might have posted “we r ie” recently. btw minor anorak detail : the “aa haa haaaaa” vocal sample in this track is from Patti Labelle “something special (is gonna happen tonight)”, and was sampled from that track (not this one) in both Shades of Rhythm “Sweet Sensation” and Blame “Music Takes You”, both of which I’m pretty sure were released before this tune.

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