Dad Dancing: Shelley’s 1992

Ah, youthful enthusiasm. The Milky Bar Kid in basketball shorts. I think I probably danced a bit like these people once. Look at them go.

My god, the music, and the MCing is dreadful though. The bad old good old days.

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1 Response to Dad Dancing: Shelley’s 1992

  1. Dan says:

    I proper enjoyed that – not seen such gurning since around 98/99, when everything was better and all that. I don’t agree that nostalgia’s not as good as it used to be, mine gets better with every drunken night on youtube. I did some research on where the Shelleys Laserdrome dancers are now – interestingly, one of them is now an eminent astrophysicist, the middle one became a fairly successful dancer for Beyonce (the guy in the shellsuit in the ‘Single Ladies’ video) and the other one is unfortunately a rapist.

    If you want proper Dad Dancing to Altern-8, this is the one, yer Koftes I’m tellin ya:

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