Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Luke Slater’s Khufu Mix)

This is one of those rare cases of a remix being as good, if not better than, the original, which was a massive rave tune from Tim Taylor in 1991. It had a dirty great amen break, a Human League sample, a dash of Egyptian Lover and those freaky horns. I forgot where they came from. Carl Cox and people like that used to play it.

Anyway Luke Slater rerubbed it in 2002 and made it into an industrial monster which I rediscovered last week, as the Dads were back in town at a rare techno gig in a small function room, a leaving do.

It was one of those rare opportunities to break out the family favourites to a small but willing audience (thanks Colin for asking us). This was the biggest tune in a night of big tunes…it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It will knock your socks off. Tim Taylor’s original was the one I always used to play – but this mix has that industrial oomph. Massive.

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