Dad Trax: Baby Ford – Ford Trax

What was he thinking?

The 1988 Baby Ford album was the very first house/techno release that I ever owned.

Baby Ford continues to occasionally make genius records. A more recent example would be his Chicken Store release on the best label of the noughties for people who like their house music wonky, Germany’s Perlon label, as Minimal Man – which was his collaboration with another Dad Hero, the sadly no longer with us Ian Loveday aka Eon (The Spice must flow…). That Chicken Store track has excellent wrong vocals on it and hence features on the Dads’ Voodoo House mix.

This track totally stands the test of time. It has a lot of the Mr Fingers Chicago square wave clonk-house sound to it and nice 909 programming. It’s also a bit spooky, there’s a minor chord thing – spooky house rules.

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