Mark Archer (Altern8) – Frequency Remixes

Frequency is Altern8’s best tune. It still kicks. Usually classics are best left alone and the remix job is akin to flogging a dead horse, or rather taking a distinguished old thoroughbred out from its nice warm stable and shooting it stone dead with a gun that fires shit trance buildups and lazy Ableton plugins.

But this is up there with Luke Slater’s epic job on The Horn Track. Production values in olden times can make tunes sound a bit flat when compared to modern stuff. Here the original samples have been kicked into the 21st century by a gaggle of expert remixers, chief among them for my money being Luke Vibert who works his customary fattening up magic. Check the fatness of that remix. Fatter than a deep fried pizza in batter. With extra fat. And foie gras on the side.

There are other great mixes from Ed DMX and Killa Productions (the latter has a certain je ne sais quoi for sure) – but it’s the Vibert that will have me reaching for my Paypal account to grab the limited edition 12″. It’s out on Balkan Vinyl which is an occasional series of vinyl EPs, very dad friendly. Kids and mums will like it too.

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