Snub TV – KLF

You really don’t get music TV shows like this any more – you know, where a non-ironic journalist asks intelligent questions of someone interesting. I guess the closest thing would be the occasional Culture Show music item.

Here’s the KLF being about the straightest and least silly I’ve sever seen them, talking about how Doctorin The Tardis really came about – trying to create a proper house record with the Dr Who theme and ending up with a novelty pop monster by accident. And then it ends with a nice ambient house tune, bits of Chill Out with a beat underneath – I hadn’t heard it before.

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1 Response to Snub TV – KLF

  1. The Double K says:

    Great clip – thanks! Snub TV was the greatest music show ever, there is a video tape at my mum’s house somewhere with all my favourite bits taped from it. I don’t remember this though. That clip of The White Room at the end is great, will have to try to find that tune now…

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