Dad Trax: SL2 – Way In My Brain

In 1991 stealing bits of reggae and hip hop was all the rage thanks to the newfangled Akai S1000 sampler. Way In My Brain features a large chunk of Wayne Smith’s 1985 electro-reggae classic Under Mi Sleng Teng, which incidentally spawned the entire modern dancehall reggae phenomenon and is therefore ultimately responsible for Rihanna. It launched one of the most used riddims of all time (excuse my lapsing into patois innit). The Sleng Teng riddim was just a preset on a cheap Casio synth, the MT41. The original tune totally rocks by the way – which accounts for around 95% of the reason that Way In My Brain does. Putting that wee nugget of reggae goodness into the context of a rave was a massively good move.

If you’ve ever wondered how to turbofoot, just put this on. At around the two minute mark, when the breakbeat kicks back in you’ll find you’ve grown a bob, a silly hat and a pair of baggy jeans and your feet will start stepping around. You’ll look like this bloke. Everyone looked like this bloke in 1991:

Way In My Brain was actually on the B Side to their first hit XL single, DJs Take Control.

I’m not sure what Sleng Teng is but I have a feeling it might not be something you’d be under if you were visiting your mum.

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