SNUB TV: Boys Own

We found this Youtube clip of Terry Farley and Audrey Weatherspoon (hair by Timotei) talking about setting up the Boy’s Own label, which grew out of their football-and-acid-house fanzine around 1990.

Some of these tunes are seriously dated (Weatherall sure loved his bongos didn’t he?) but with a wide-eyed innocence pretty much absent from music now – of course there was a lot of idealism around in 1990, as everyone said good riddance to Thatcher and gave each other hugs.

An amusing moment, given Weatherall’s imminent shaving off of his hair and consequent descent into all things Sabresonic, is when he says he’s not into techno and the ‘heavy house scene’:

The more we think about it, the more Dads wonder why on Earth there isn’t any half-decent, reasonably intelligent music TV in the UK. There is all the backward looking archive based stuff on BBC Four, but where is the TV covering what’s happening now? Perhaps that’s rich coming from this blog. But believe it or not we like to think we are vaguely interested in current stuff, despite having a massive collection of old records and an unhealthy fascination for early 90s Youtube clips.

The received wisdom is that music TV gets poor ratings, especially cos it’s aimed at young people who supposedly don’t watch the box any more cos they’re too busy bluetoothing David Guetta ringtones to each other or watching porn.

But the BBC is meant to be public service – meaning sometimes they should just do things because they need to be done. Joolz bloody Holland playing boogie woogie over everything is doing the public a major disservice. And it’s not just the underground that is getting no coverage – the disappearance of Top Of The Pops means a lot of pop music isn’t getting archived at all on TV. I guess Youtube is filling the gap to an extent. Thank you Google.

Anyway back in 1990 there was Snub TV. They would make little intelligent pieces about things that were happening in yoof culture, interview decent bands. The funny thing is this kind of TV is very cheap to make. It looks it too. Wacky camera angles ahoy.

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  1. The Double K says:

    Coincidentally, if you’d like to hear Weatherall banging on for a bit more, I just saw this:

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