Dad Dancing: Hitman and her, Manchester 1990

Another class bit of action from the hitman stable.

Pete hitman waterman and michaela strachan visit a cheesy meat market with blokes in ties watching dancers in pants.

A simple formula to be sure, but highly entertaining.

Here we have people dancing in their pants to Technotronic. We still play pump up the jam on occasions.

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4 Responses to Dad Dancing: Hitman and her, Manchester 1990

  1. rex says:

    omg .. the eighties was twitching in the throes of it’s overdue demise that night .. hell those ties and haircuts say it all. i bet a few eyes were opened though.

    top work here dr – keep it up and may 2012 be rocking (with many a lie-in) for all the daddy crew..


  2. Dan says:

    I had to double-check there that Michaela did actually say “and brand new band Take That”,,,sure enough, she did!

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