Dadcast 10 – Big Daddy

DOWNLOAD: Dadcast 10 – Big Daddy Techno

Here is the massive list of trackage:

System 01 – Drugs Work [Tresor]
DJ Valium – Running In October [
Tobias Schmidt – Wagging Tail [Tresor]
Digital Princezz – ?? [Mutter]
Dave Tarrida – Terminally Yours [Tresor]
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Luke Slater remix) [Missile]
E Dancer – Pump The Move [KMS]
Michael Forshaw – Work That Body [Chan n Mikes]
Chris Sattinger – Fun In The Murky [Subvoice]
C J Bolland – Horsepower [R & S]
N-Joi – Mindflux [Deconstruction]
Frankie Bones – Work That Shit 2001 [Ghetto Technics]
Cari Lekebush – Filterfitta [Hybrid]
Dr Walker & Electro Atomu – In Bed With J Burger [Djungle Fever]
The Stalker – Blast [Slamdunk]
JB3 – Folklift (Luke Slater’s Filtered Remix) [Novamute]
Neil Landstrumm – Praline Horse [Tresor]
Jamie Lidell – Sonlysom(o)ney [Sativae]
Si Begg – Sound Equipment [Sativae]
Subhead – Pselphyorrialice [Sativae]
Robert Armani – Chicago Calling [ACV]
The Pump Panel – Ego Acid [Missile]
Choice – Acid Eiffel [Fragile]
Abe Duque & Blake Baxter – What Happened? [Abe Duque Records]


Dadcast 1 – Cosmic Winter Discomix by Dempsey
Dadcast 2 – Dad House by Durkit
Dadcast 3 – Fear Of Dads by Techno Dads
Dadcast 4 – I Love Techno Dads by Hektor Ruiez
Dadcast 5 – Voodoo House Mix by Techno Dads
Dadcast 6 – Ambient Dads by Techno Dads
Dadcast 7 – Jack In Your Trance Face by Techno Dads

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