Dad Dance: Total Confusion on Dance Energy, 1991

Web things like the Boiler Room are what have replaced Dance Energy now. That’s all a bit serious though. The clothes, the hair and above all the dancing were much more fun back in 1991. The key word is ‘energy’, there was a lot of it about.

We are a bit obsessed by the music of 1991. As with a lot of stuff from that golden year, this tune totally stands up, still sounds fat. It stuck in my head the first time I went to Pure in, you guessed it, 1991. And I’m still not done with it, 21 years later.

Properly mental underground music, on network TV, at tea time.

RIP Caspar Pound, the eponymous ‘Hippie’ who was the man behind early trance label Rising High.

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1 Response to Dad Dance: Total Confusion on Dance Energy, 1991

  1. The Double K says:

    Such an amazing track, those Whoops get me every time.

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