Dad Noise: Acid

Once upon a time there was Jack. And Jack had a groove, a groove called House.

And House begat an evil child. And Lo! That child was named Acid.

Acid spread throughout the world and became responsible for tabloid hysteria, smiley T shirts, Mike Ink’s hair, and abominations like Goa Trance.

The hype made a lot of people forget it was actually a dirty lo fi music scene spawned in Chicago by producers too skint to afford proper equipment. Like The Hoover, Acid was there waiting to be discovered, in the analogue circuitry of the 303. 

Responsibility for the creation of the wee silver beastie lies with a faceless genius, Tadao Kikumoto, who now happens to be the Roland Corporation’s senior managing director. Kikumoto also invented the 909. Wow.

Acid was an accident waiting to happen. The 303 was not designed for it – it was supposed to do away with bass players. The weird sequencer makes it quite hard to programme actual music, but easy make something odd happen.

We will very soon hit you with a 303-heavy dadcast especially for the acid dads out there. Till then here’s some different flavours of dad acid to keep you smiling. Quack quack!

The Original Chicago Acid House Track
Phuture – Acid Trax (1987)

Phuture’s debut release on Trax was the first acid house record. Everyone who heard it wanted to copy it. Chicago’s local house music scene was flooded with 303 records, some of them crossed the Atlantic, and soon saucer-eyed dads in dungarees were pulling elaborate chicken dance moves at The Hacienda.

Hip House Acid
The Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Heat It Up (Acid House Mix)

Detroit uber-dad Kevin Saunderson on the mix here. We actually only discovered this tune a few months ago and have been caning it a bit ever since. It’s good.

‘Daddy I’m Scared’ Acid
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child? (1988)

Probably our favourite scary techno vocal track. Where IS your child? Soundtrack to the London riots right there…

Cologne Acid
Mike Ink – Playtex (1994)

While Eurotrance was really starting to stink out the dancefloors of the world with its manky stench, some people in the small German city of Cologne got the acid bug bad, but did much better things with it. The result: loads of filthy, distorted, much too fast releases on labels like Force Inc and DJungle Fever by people with funny names like Gizz TV and Jammin Unit. The pinnacle of Cologne Acid came when it calmed down a bit, courtesy of Mike Ink’s minimalist Dadajack EP on weirdo symbolic label Profan. This EP’s ability to cut through in the mix is second to none…a real DJ’s record. All of the tracks are great but this one is on Youtube.

Acid Techno
FUSE – Substance Abuse (1991)

Richie Hawtin made a lot of acid tracks. We chose this one for its lame repetition of the word ‘Overdose’. Picture all the arc-line strobes going off at Pure. Sweaty.

‘Dad’s Crying Again’ Acid
Choice – Acid Eiffel (1993)

‘Get a grip dad, you’re pathetic’. French uber-dad Laurent ‘Laboratoire’ Garnier with his Gallic chords reminding us of raves gone by. Like Joey Beltram dropping this over the gargantuan Rezerection PA, aaahhh, that was a moment. And Derrick May playing it at the Volcano on a Sunday night. Derrick May in Partick, on a Sunday? Stuff like that happened in the 90s.

Detroit Acid
Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier (1991)

‘Mad’ Mike Banks – another Techno uber-Dad demonstrating his ability to come up with weepy chord sequences. Made you feel nostalgic for the future in 1991. He’s a genius, but thankfully here eschewed his tendency for synthisax noodling in favour of acid. This tune pretty much laid the blueprint for his offshoot label, Red Planet. A Detroit dadcast is a future necessity.

Aphex Acid
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker Acid Edit

There are any number of Richard D James tunes we could choose, but we chose this one, get over it. Takes a while for the acid to get going but it’s worth it.

Bollywood Acid
Charanjit Singh

Powerful evidence that Acid was discovered, not invented. The rerelease in 2011 of an obscure Bollywood album of instrumentals sounds exactly like acid house. We thought it was a hoax when we first heard it. One of those records that is only interesting because of the story – it’s actually a load of old toss.

Hollywood Acid
Blade Opening Scene – Pump Panel remix of New Order Confusion

What a pleasant cinematic surprise we got as the opening distorted kick and 303 line of Tim Taylor’s acid techno remix blasted out of the Odeon PA. Quite a good club scene up until the blood. Seen plenty zombies over the years, but no actual vampires.

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5 Responses to Dad Noise: Acid

  1. The Double K says:

    Nice list of tracks and nice write-up! I discovered that Wee Papa Girl Rappers tune a couple of years ago and yep it is a good one. Never knew what the Blade track was, good spot.

  2. Tim Aldiss says:

    Substance Abuse “Pure. Sweaty” …abso-bloody-lutely! Great track, as is almost anything by Underground Resistance (even these days).

    Great post, and I had no idea that the genius behind the 303 & 909 is today the MD of the company! Talk about living the dream!

  3. yeah, tis mental. the things you can find out on wikipedia.

  4. Neil says:

    Actually, I quite like the Charanjit Singh album!

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