Dad Dancing: Tony Wilson and Paul Morley on the Tube

Tony Wilson was always the archetypal embarrassing dad in a jumper. He was a media twat, but with pretty good taste in music and interesting ideas about how to run a record label. All that has been documented elsewhere, though. It’s a shame there aren’t more media twats like him around today.

Anyway, here’s a mildly amusing clip from The Tube. It looks like it’s some sort of music industry/media shindig happening in the Hacienda, pre Madchester when it was still necessary to remind people in London that Manchester existed. We love how scared the presenter is.

Wilson is joined by the bizarrely self-conscious Paul Morley and a leering Peter Hook who looks like he dried his hair in a wind tunnel.

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1 Response to Dad Dancing: Tony Wilson and Paul Morley on the Tube

  1. Bazza says:

    Tony has a great jumper on there. I think I parked my car in the left sleeve overnight once.

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