Techno Dads Technical Rider

When you book Techno Dads for your event, here’s what we need from you.

Technical Requirements

  • One dirty 4 way adapter. Must have beer stains.
  • 2x questionable Technics turntables that nobody has used for ages because everyone uses CDJs now.
  • Mixer – 2 working channels. Crackly crossfader, with only the metal prong sticking up as it has lost its knob. We’ll make our own knob with gaffer tape.
  • DJ booth – must have somewhere to put beer.

Performance requirements

  • A nun. We like the feeling of a nun.

Retro outfit option, part of the Deluxe service

Hospitality arrangements

  • Meat. Dads love meat.
  • Beer. Plenty of it. Dads love beer.
  • Accomodation: It is NOT FUNNY to put a bottle of amyl nitrate under our nose while we are sleeping on your couch.

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2 Responses to Techno Dads Technical Rider

  1. you’re confusing us with post-menopausal techno mums.

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