Dad’s Day: The Fall – Big New Prinz

Mark E Smith - we appreciate his jumper

Belated Dad’s Day ditty from certified Dad Hero and BHS fashion icon Mark E Smith, here sporting a natty purple polo neck tucked into his trousers. His missus at the time, Brix Smith, looks like a porn star version of Dolly Parton. She’s gurning at the camera in a way that suggests she really enjoys being in such a cool band, despite wearing a bright green shiny frilly blouse.

Big New Prinz is from our favourite Fall era in the late 80s, when they’d gone a bit ‘poppy’ in the parlance of Fall fans…Tho it doesn’t bear much resemblance to Rihanna. It does have a lolloping Glitter-stomp groove and one of those filthy minor key riffs that The Fall do so well.

The lyrics are what make it ideal fodder to play loud on the stereo on Dad’s Day, but it’s also very effective for the all too common current phenomenon, the redundancy party. Or ‘The Redundo’ as we Glasgow dads call it.

check the record check the record check the guy’s track record. he. is. not. APPRECIATED.

We’ll drink the long draught to that. A LOT. And then jump up and down. Pointing. Always pointing.

This is the third Anthony H Wilson clip we’ve featured recently. Feck knows why. Guess he was involved in a lot of good telly clips.

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