Dadcast 7 – Jack In Your Trance Face

Not much jack in this really, mostly quite pumpin techno, some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. The kind of stuff I used to play at an illegal outdoor rave party around 3am, not the kind of epic shite peddled by Tiesto et al. It does include DIY – Hothead, which would definitely inspire some big fish little fish action from the dreadlocks-and-smocks posse. And it has two Richard D James numbers in it for some reason.
EDIT: That’s the Aphex Twin (I put that in for Google’s benefit).

DOWNLOAD: Dadcast 7 – Jack In Your Trance Face


dj silver – jack in your face
reinhardt voigt – robson ponte
ark – le magicien d’os
autonation – sit on the bass (jerome hill remix)
aphex twin – windowlicker (xxx edit)
jamie principle, green velvet – the call (ante up)
reade truth – frequency sexxx
misc – le weekend
jay denham – i94
dbx – i’m losing control
diy – hothead
love inc – respect (air liquide live remix)
polygon window – quoth
giorgio moroder – the chase (vitalic live remix)

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3 Responses to Dadcast 7 – Jack In Your Trance Face

  1. od says:

    fucking brilliant. top dad.

  2. Tristán White says:

    This mix is brilliant. I was having a party and right the end, when everyone was lying on the floor properly mashed up, I stuck it on. Was a perfect, perfect way to end the party.

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